Automated Plate Pouring System, Automatic Plate Pourer - Dosing Pump & Liquid Handling DP 1000
Automated Plate Pouring System, Automatic Plate Pourer - Dosing Pump & Liquid Handling DP 1000

Dosing Pump & Liquid Handling DP 1000 / DP 1000 Fast

Multi-function Precise Dosing Agar & Liquid Handling

Manufacturer: BioTool Swiss AG
SKU: 730000 / 740000

Neutec Group is proud to offer an innovative filler pump by Biotool Swiss. This pump offers the state-of-the-art technology suitable for various applications which require liquid dispensing and agar filling.

Dosing pumps are convenient expulsion pumps that are used to introduce fluids into any vessel. They are frequently used for dosing rough materials, acids, adhesives, chemicals, hazardous materials, liquids, agar, or lubricants. Dosing pumps are also used to move gasoline, diesel fuel, and oil sludge, slurry gas, and rendering wastes.

The DP1000 features a touch screen, Anti-drop, and a dual head pump.

It was designed to be flexible, reliable, and user friendly, with minimal down time and is engineered for batch or continuous operation. The pump transports media/agar in either upright or parallel direction. It can be preprogrammed for speed and volume release level or operated manually. 

Features and Benefits

Easy operation software operates with a touch screen.
Anti-Drop, drip suppression by retraction of pump movement
Dual head pump for smoother liquid / agar filling
Pump offers high flow rates of up to 800 ml/min (standard)  / 2,400 ml/min (fast)
Smoother agar plates using dual head pump
Easy volume and speed calibration
Backlight graphics display for easy reading

Special Package Deal!

Proficlave PC10Proficlave PC10

BioTool’s latest development Proficlave PC10 Sterilizer prepares up to 9 liters of plain or complex vitamin / blood added agar formulations, easier and faster than ever.

Enhanced user programming capabilities (3 * 20 programs), operating parameter print-out (integrated in Front pannel), external control functions (front panel connection), best stirring control and full metal hous-ing makes the Proficlave best Mediapreparator in its class! It accurately maintains the Agar in any stage of the single or double cycle process at it’s temperature even for hours! Read more »

Technical data

Length 305mm 12"
Depth 275mm 10.8"
Height 205mm 8"
Net Weight 7.1 Kg. 15.65 lbs.
Mains Connections 85 - 132VAC and 176-264VAC 47-63 Hz.
Mains Fuse 3.15A / 250VAC slow-blow
Dosing Quantity 0.1 - 9999.9ml (one decimal place)
Dosing Accuracy
(Calibrated tube without AntiDrop)
0.5 - 1% (depending on tube diameter)
Delivery Rate 10 - 800 ml/min (standard model) / 40 - 2,400 ml/min (fast model)
Filling Cycle Delay 0.5 - 9.9 seconds
AntiDrop 0 - 1.0 seconds
Display 240 x 128 pixels with LED backlighting
Sound Pressure Level  
Pollution Severity II
Safety Class IP21
Ambient Temperature +5ºC to 45ºC (also during transport)
Unit Support Surface Sturdy support surface
Remote Control / Footswitch (Option) The two footswitch contacts are designed as normally open contacts (NO)
Interfaces (Option) RS232 for connection to host and printer
RS485 for BioLink (communication with laboratory instruments)
Stand Stainless steel, length=200mm, Ø 12mm
Item Number 730000 (standard model) 740000 (fast model)

Optional Connectivity

Footswitch Interface
RS232 / Printer Interface
Dosi Print RS232 / Printer Option
RS232 Printer (option) Interface Cable
RS232 Host (options) Interface Cable
RS485 Biolink Interface (option)
Div. Tube Set's
Stainless Steel Stand 200mm / Ø 12mm (option)



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