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Moisture balance AGS120

Powerful moisture analyzer with 250W of drying power, up to 250C

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Moisture Balance AGS60

Powerful moisture analyzer with 250W of drying power, up to 250C

If you are interested in maintaining the high product quality and product shelf life which you strive for, you probably know moisture content analysis is critical. Whether you are measuring moisture content in food or in other applications, quality, accuracy, and excellence are of utmost importance to you. Therefore, we are proud to offer Torbal's AGS PRO analyzers. 

The AGS PRO analyzers are built with rugged die-cast metal housing, making the unit resistant to heavy usage in challenging environments. These analyzers are built with Torbal's electromagnetic force restoration load-cell, which offers uncompromising accuracy of 0.01% (0.001g). 

Our in-house team of specialists and highly trained engineers will take care of servicing, maintaining, and calibrating the equipment for you. Let us know if you need any assistance!

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Yes, the instrument is designed to be set to meet any loss-on-drying standard method. These settings can be saved and re-used. 

Yes, the instrument can be set to the short mode and it will run until 2 tests are within 2mg of each other. 

No, the moisture balance AGS series is a fully self-contained system with a precision balance and a heating supplied by halogen lamps. 

No, the moisture balance AGS series runs on typical 110 V power and can simply be plugged into any typical outler. The system does not require special ventine, but will produce a 'cooked' smell when running. 

Fast moisture methods require the establishment of settings that include high temperatures and short analysis times that will give relatively close results to a standard method rather than running the standard method itself. The moisture balance AGS series is designed to run primary, standard methods for loss-on-drying and replace the labor and error of using an oven and a balance. It is therefore not designed with pre-loaded methods for running secondary fast moisture content. However, since the instrument can be set at any temperature up to 250C and for any analysis time, it could be set to run a fast moisture. The correct settings will need to be established through comparison to the standard method and then saved and these settings are not pre-loaded into the system, but the instrument can be setup to provide fast moisture content.