Microbiology Labs Work-Flow Solutions

NTG workflow 2022 jpg

Follow the work flow in the classic Microbiology laboratory - Sample preparation, agar preparation and pouring, spiral plating and automated colony counting. We offer a complete line of Microbiology laboratory equipment.

1. Sample preparation

2. Inoculation

Spiral Plate, Automated Spiral Plater - Eddy Jet 2 Spiral Plater

Eddy Jet 2W - Spiral Plater


LabFlame IR Activated Safety Bunsen Burner

3. Colony counting

Other Microbiology equipment

Test Tube Filling Machine, Test Tube Filler - Tube and Bottle FIller XY TF-3000

Tube and Bottle Filler XY TF-3000

In the microbiology laboratory, reproducibility and efficiency, and as consequence the right equipment, are paramount to achieving optimal outcomes. As a leading company among microbiology equipment suppliers, Neutec Group provides our clients with access to the best solutions; tools, products, and systems to fulfill their scientific exploration. We assist quality control and research and development teams across North America, Mexico, and Canada in a broad range of industries; Academia Food Pharma, Environmental, Agro and Biotechnology, source the best equipment required for their projects and budget.

Our commitment to assisting our clients to increase their throughput and to ‘making better science’ is total. It begins by assessing together where the bottlenecks are in the Microbiology lab workflow, and what microbiology lab instruments are available to alleviate some of these bottleneck areas. It continues with introducing innovative technology and equipment solutions aimed to allow these scientists to focus fully on their goals, including increasing their lab throughput and furthering knowledge in their given area.

For nearly two decades, our family-run business has been highly responsive to the needs of our clients. What can you expect when you purchase your lab’s microbiology equipment from Neutec Group? Many microbiology lab equipment distributors will sell you a box and the relationship will end when your shipment is received. With Neutec, this would only be the beginning of our partnership with you. We do our best to provide quick turnaround times, but we will continue to support your effort with installation training and service support, so that you can make optimal use of your investment for many years.

We realize that time is of the essence. Need to upgrade your equipment? For your convenience, we offer several quality tiers for most microbiology lab instruments and microbiology lab equipment We take considerable pride in the long time relationships we have forged with many of our clients who know that they can turn to the Neutec Group to improve their laboratory workflow, increase their efficacy, and ensure more expedient outcomes.

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