DosiPump DP500i

DosiPump DP500i, complete with pump head and plug for connecting cable- on sale - special demo unit

Our Price: $3,862.50
Manufacturer: BioTool Swiss AG
SKU: 500501.0

Demo unit on sale


Simple pump to use:

Fill sample, save, repeat !

· Choose pump direction and speed
· Choose between different tubing sizes
· Dosing: with every click on the buttom (or optional with foot pedal)

- DP500 Pump repeats the set volume
- No calibration needed
- Variabel

Several DP500i can be connected in series via USB cable (max. 8 Pumps).
The dosing is done simultaneously by individual pump rates (speed).
The narrow housing allows the close set-up and connection of several
DP500i units.