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LabMaster Neo Water Activity Meter

July 2017 - Neutec Group will be launching together with its partner Novasina Swiss, a newly designed state of the art water activity meter called LabMaster Neo.


The newly designed LabMaster will be bringing true innvation to the Water Activity field and we are excited to be able to have it on our display for the first time globally during the IFT meeting in Las Vegas Early July 2017

A detail list of the feeatures and benefits of this leading innovative technology to come! stay tuned

Amphasys teams up with Neutec Group

Neutec Group is proud to announce our partnership with Amphasys for North American Distribution.  Amphasys’ patented “lab-on-chip” technology enables efficient and reproducible determination of pollen viability, ploidy and developmental stages of microspores. In collaboration with the New York based Neutec Group, the highly innovative solutions from Amphasys are now made available to customers in the U.S.A. and in Canada.

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Pollen Viability and Count made easy - Ampha Z32

Neutec group is happy to introduce an innovative new powerful tool for analyse of pollen viability thereby helping to increase the yield of high quality seed and to reduce the cost of production (for 

Z32 impedence flow cytometer small

example by increasing the female-to-male ratio and the yield per plant) by Amphasys Swiss using a Flow Cytometry innovative and patented technology.

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Introduction to MultiSpectral Imaging Video

Watch this new short clip - VideometerLab 3 is a vision-based lab analyser designed for fast and accurate determination of surface color, texture, shape, size and chemical composition.

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New Web Site Design

April 2015 - Neutec Group is happy to announce a recently launched newly designed web site with state of the art conformity to the quick changing internet landscape.

The new website is even more information with videos, application notes etc., offers areas for customer to leave reviews, offers more purchasing options, adaptability to mobile devices and many more features.

Let us know what you think and thank you for your feedback and  patience as we work some of the final bugs out.

Tube and Bottle Filler XY TF-3000

The new TF-3000 from Biotool Swiss automated tube and bottle filler automates the repetitive labor intensive process of filling of tubes & bottles. Set up is easy, just place the rack (you can practically use any commercial rack in the market - as long as it fits on the filling platform), train the intelligent yet simple to use software about the position of your racks, size of tubes and requested filling volume and let the TF-3000 do the rest.

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Petri Labeler - Barcode Labeling

The unit automatically tags barcode labels on the side walls of Petri plates.
Operating the unit is as simple as feeding a stack of Petri plates on one end, pushing the “start” button, and collecting labeled plates at the other end. The Petri Labeler labels plate walls, enabling comfortable inspection, reading, and counting of Petri plates.

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Multispectral Imaging / VideometerLab 3

VideometerLab 3 is a vision-based lab analyser designed for fast and accurate determination of surface color, texture, shape, size and chemical composition.
The easy-to-use system integrates illumination, camera, and computer technology with advanced digital image analysis and statistics. VideometerLab 3 provides a rapid assessment of uniform and non-homogeneous samples by combining information on all of the above parameters automatically in just a few seconds, requiring no sample preparation and leaving the sample intact.

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Oxidative Stability Test Reactor Video

Chemical reactions occurring between atmospheric oxygen and food sensitive components are some of the most important causes of product degradation. Specifically, fat oxidation is recognized as one of the main factors which affects Food shelf life. For this purpose, Velp Scientifica has developed the OXITEST, an innovative instrument, able to provide the lab operator with high added value information related to the fat oxidation processes in samples of foods, oils and fats.
The determination of the oxidation stability of samples (solid, doughy or liquid), in order to determine their quality or to determine their state of preservation is made directly on the whole sample, without preliminary fat separation.

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Water activity - LabTouch aw - New

Let’s welcome the next generation of high quality water activity meters made by Novasina. Touch a new world, driven by the ease of use and fast menu access by a touch-screen combined with a semi-temperature-stabilized measurement chamber for consistent and reproducible measurement results (aw-value). The latest sensor and measurement technology coupled with re-useable humidity calibration standards provide a very economical solution to precision water activity measurements . Furthermore, the standards are an easy method for double-checking the instrument and sensor’s high performance.

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Plate Pourer - Agar/Media Filler PS200 - New

Neutec Group is proud to offer innovative agar plate filler systems by Biotool Swiss.

The carrousel filler with the removable rack for safe and effortless dish loading PetriSwiss PS200 automatically fills and stacks dishes in removable safety racks. This unique, removable rack principle allows racks to be prefilled and loaded onto the rack disk at any time. The dishes can remain stored in the rack, in a safe and stable stand. The unit down time for a refill is minimal!

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Eddy Jet 2- Spiral Plater- New

The all new Eddy Jet 2 Spiral Plating System is a color screen touch screen fully programmable spiral inoculation instrument with accuracy and reproducibility of greater than 99%. The Eddy Jet 2 Spiral Plater uses a unique gamma-Irradiated disposable micro-syringe for each new sample, eliminating cross-contamination and the need for a vacuum source or washing steps.

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New - PCR Photo Activation System for Tubes

Neutec Group is excited to introduce an innovative device from GenIUL. The PhAST - PhotoActivation System for Tubes - neutralizes the DNA of dead organisms through the use of photo-activable intercalating agents.

The samples treated with the system enable the detection of DNA from only the living cells by conventional PCR or Real Time PCR.

PhAST is thermally stable with a constant and uniform light dose. It allows simultaneous photo activation of 12 samples in a simple and efficient manner.

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Newly Published Study! - Flash & Go Colony Counter

Mahapatra, A. K., D. L. Harris, C. N. Nguyen, and G. Kannan. 2009.
Evaluation of an IUL automated colony counter.

Agricultural Engineering International: the CIGR EJournal XI(1368): 1-6

Download the Study >>

Newly Published Study! - Spin Air

Independent study recently published demonstrated that the Air Sampler is an effective, accurate alternative to the standard method of Air Sampling.

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New Article - Oxidative Stability Test Reactor

Recently published article at the European Journal of Lipid Science & Technology:

Accelerated oxidation tests, such as the determination of the induction period, increase the lipid oxidation rate by exposing a food to elevated temperatures, in the presence of excess quantities of air or oxygen. In addition to the well-founded oxidative stability index (OSI) method, an innovative and promising technique is the oxidation test (OXITEST) reactor.

A new analytical method was developed with OXITEST to oxidize vegetable oils. At a preliminary stage of the investigation, the induction periods of sunflower and extra-virgin olive oil obtained by the OXITEST reactor were plotted against temperature, on the basis of the Arrhenius law; the activation energy and the frequency factor of lipid oxidation were calculated and resulted in - 98.61 kJ/mol and 2.33×1010 s-1, respectively, for sunflower oil and 106.48 kJ/mol and 6.27×1010 s-1, respectively for extra-virgin olive oil. The new oxidative technique was employed to determine the induction periods of vegetable oils; the results obtained were well correlated with those achieved with OSI technology, with a Pearson correlation coefficient r = 0.9785 (p <0.05) for oilseeds and palm oil and r = 0.9501 (p <0.05) for extra-virgin olive oils."

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Learn More About the OXITEST >>

Read more: New Article - Oxidative Stability Test Reactor

New Research Supports Effectiveness and Accuracy of IUL Flash & Go Colony Counter

An independent study recently published by Fort Valley State University demonstrated that the IUL Flash & Go automated colony counter is an effective, accurate alternative to the standard method of colony counting.

Moreover the study claims the use of the colony counter increased the overall efficiency of research operations by significantly reducing the time devoted to conventional manual plate count and made tasks easier for data manipulation, analysis and interpretation.

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NEW - Calibration Services

We are happy to offer our customer base, a new calibration service for key instruments, such as our Air Samplers, Gravimetric Dilutors etc. Our calibration tests conform to the requirements of ISO 9001-200, ISO TS16949, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1994, QS9000 and ISO 10012-1992, The instrument is calibrated and shipped back with a certificate of calibration.

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Heating Block Digestion Systems get slimmer

A new space saving line of block digesters is now available from Velp Scientific. These slim versions add to the most complete line of heating digester block allowing you, the user, to choose the right block for your busy lab needs.
The All heating blocks are equipped with four ramping and 20 process programs. They can heat up from room temperature to 450ºC and satisfy the most stringent of requirements for standard and Kjeldahl digestions. These Heating block digesters are also available as complete systems and can be connected to a scrubber and jet pump (SMS & JP) for neutralization of toxic fumes.

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New agar plate filler systems by Biotool Swiss

Neutec Group is proud to offer innovative agar plate filler systems by Biotool Swiss.
This new series of fillers offer the state of the art technology of plate filler available today and include:

  • Bar code label printing and applying on every plate;
  • Changeable dish height stacking;
  • Touch screen.

This system was designed to be a much more reliable solution comparing to other carrousel fillers. The units are user friendly and engineered with user minimal down time in mind.

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Robotic Colony Counter

Clinical Research Laboratories Inc. (CRL), based in Pistcataway New Jersey has purchased the first new Plate Handler robotic colony counter in the USA. The unit, recently installed, helps CRL maintain its leadership position in automation and rapid methods detection in personal care , health and beauty aids, OTC drug products and more.

In conjunction with the Eddy Jet spiral plater they have been using for some years now, CRL achieves highest level of productivity and reproducibilty in inoculating and counting of petri dishes at their microbial laboratory.

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