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July 2017 - Neutec Group has launched together with its partner Novasina Swiss, a newly designed state of the art water activity meter called LabMaster Neo.Labmaster Neo 250pix


The newly designed LabMaster will be bringing true innovation to the Water Activity field and we are excited have had it on our display for the first time globally during the IFT meeting in Las Vegas Early July 2017

Read more: LabMaster Neo Water Activity Meter

August 2017 - Neutec Group has launched together with its partner IUL Instruments, a newly designed state of the art Colony counter named the Sphere Flash.Shpere Flash small

The Sphere Flash colony counter will replace the Flash and Grow automatec colony counter - a well proven device that have been succesfully serving  hundreds of microbiology lab world wide.

The Sphere Flash Modern led illumination, combined with a unique patent pending Sphere that operates as a perfact closed enviroment to best light conditions and images taking, smart but user friendly colony counting software together with a high resolution camera, makes for a powerful affordable automatic colony counter system.

Sphere Flash Colonies Pro Software designed for more demanding users who require increased capabilities such as, setting user's permission levels, LIMs connectivity, working with worksheets, Barcode reading, Reporting, audit trail and CFR21Part 11 compliance.

A detail list of the features and benefits of this leading innovative technology are posted on the Sphere Flash page here >>

Neutec Group is proud to announce our partnership with Amphasys for North American Distribution.  Amphasys’ patented “lab-on-chip” technology enables efficient and reproducible determination of pollen viability, ploidy and developmental stages of microspores. In collaboration with the New York based Neutec Group, the highly innovative solutions from Amphasys are now made available to customers in the U.S.A. and in Canada.

Read more: Amphasys teams up with Neutec Group

making beerYeast is a single cell fungus widely used in biopharmaceutical production and in the food and beverage industry. In order to control these production processes, for example to improve production yields and quality of the products, monitoring of the yeast viability and cell density is crucial.

Methods for yeast viability testing, as well as viable and dead cell density determination are now also available on the Ampha Z32.

Download the Application note here>>

Neutec group is happy to introduce an innovative new powerful tool for analyse of pollen viability thereby helping to increase the yield of high quality seed and to reduce the cost of production (for 

Z32 impedence flow cytometer small

example by increasing the female-to-male ratio and the yield per plant) by Amphasys Swiss using a Flow Cytometry innovative and patented technology.

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