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RN 220Science has always been my passion since childhood, I pursued it through formal and informal educational experiences. This inclination continued as I formalized my higher education in the Life Sciences and in Food Engineering and Biotechnology.
Entering the workforce, I was drawn to opportunities which combined my passion for the Life Sciences and the business world and became involved in entrepreneurial ventures, international sales and marketing positions and achieved an MBA in business administration. My scientific background, understanding of laboratory research and quality control requirements, together with my business acumen drove me towards launching my own company, late in 2003.
To Neutec Group, I bring my relationships (some long standing) with European technology and laboratory instrumentation manufacturers and my understanding of the needs of the North American laboratory market. My vision is to offer superb quality automation solutions that will improve the workflow of the modern laboratory. Our relationships with our customers are key to our success and on every level in our organization from sales to customer service and technical service, we strive to provide our customers with best customer experience. We keep close with our business partners, our vendors and our customers.

As for me personally, when I’m not thinking about our customers,vendors and Neutec Group, you’re likely to find me hiking, enjoy traveling both for business and pleasure, play competative voleyball and table tennis in my spare time and love spending time with my family.

We at Neutec Group are constantly looking for ways that we can improve our service to those in the laboratory. Please connect with me and share any comments or suggestions that you may have.

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Orna 220During my 10 years with Neutec and as the business co-owner, I’ve worn multiple hats involved with day to day operations.

In charge of talent acquisition, my aim is to help the best qualified succeed and grow as they contribute to the growth of Neutec Group.

I love recruiting new talent but even more I love seeing the team that we have succeed.

In my involvement in the various marketing activities in the company my goal to improve the visibility and reach of our solutions.

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