Clinical Laboratory Equipment Solutions

For the Clinical microbiology laboratories, Neutec Group offers a wide range of equipment solutions for the monitoring of raw and processed products. Our instruments are involved many areas of the work flow; sample preparation, agar preparation and pouring. The Polystainer automatic slide stainer, is widely used in staining procedures, making it simple, quick and offer critical time savings. Our PetriSphere anaerobic gas system is used for creating anaerobic or micro-aerophilic environments quickly and with full reproducibily.
We offer a large range of Centrifuges to assist the busy lab. You can fully reply on our in-house and field professionals to offer you highest level of technical and application support as you learn about our solutions and implement these technologies in your lab.

Choose Biotechnology-Pharma Equipment Solutions right for you:

Anaerobic Gas System - PetriSphere - Anaerobic Incubators

Anaerobic Gas System - PetriSphere