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Comprehensive testing of cannabis leafs for medical purposes, will typically test for microbial contamination. Without microbial testing, medical cannabis may pose a safety and medical hazard. In addition, the level of water activity in any cannabis sample is instrumental to its microbial content. Water molecules that are not “bound” can support the growth of microbiological contaminants, affecting the longevity and safety of cannabis. Testing for contaminants and water activity levels is becoming standard practice in ensuring product quality and safety.

Our medical cannabis testing equipment solutions will enable you to:

  • Comply with state regulations for Microbiology testing and water activity levels 
  • Improve your product safety
  • Extend your product shelf life


View scientific poster about The Role of Water Activity in Cannabis Quality and Safety here.

"We recently received a new LabSwift water activity meter. We have been using the meter and it works very well on our powders"... Joe Dondlinger, Quality Assurance Novartis Consumer Health, Inc. Lincoln, NE

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