Biotechnology & Agriculture Equipment Solutions


Neutec Group offers state of the art technologies to enhance any lab performance in biotechnology and agriculture laboratories. We offer a full line of centrifugal vacuum centrifuges and freeze dryers, agar fillers and media preparators, automatic colony counters and spiral platters, air samplers and anaerobic gas systems, as well as imagers and an automated cell counter.

Our Multi Spectral Imager, the VML4, assists companies involved in seed research and development quantify and qualify seed quality, seed germination, rootlet growth, photo synthesis and much more. On the pharma end, it has been used to identify fake packaging and drugs, assists in quality assessment and qualification of raw materials and end products. 

Our automated cell counter, the Amphasys Z32, provides seed companies and breeders with a powerful tool to analyze pollen viability thereby helping them increase the yield of high quality seeds and reduce the cost of production. 

All of Neutec Group's products are manufactured to the highest quality and backed by factory warranties and well-known application & technical support. All are designed to save the laboratory costly labor time and enhance the lab productivity.

Choose Equipment Solutions right for you:

Multispectral & Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras - Multispectral Imaging/VideometerLab 4

Multispectral Imaging / VideometerLab 4

Pollen Viability, Automated Cell Counter, Yeast Viability - Ampha Z32

Anaerobic Gas System - PetriSphere - Anaerobic Incubators

Anaerobic Gas System - PetriSphere