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Neutec Group is a market leader in implementation of innovative technologies in the Quality Control and Research and Development laboratory. Our goal is to help our customers improve their laboratory workflow, productivity, efficiency and results. Founded in 2003 we provide the North American market access to a broad selection of quality products and systems with excellent competitive value.

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Our Company

Our Mission

 Neutec Group is a market leader in implementation of innovative technologies in the Quality Control and Research and Development laboratory. Our goal is to help our customers improve their laboratory workflow, productivity, efficiency and results by providing them  access to a broad selection of quality products and systems distinguished by innovative design, durability, reliability, and value.

Our Values

As a company, we conduct business with our stakeholders with integrity and exceed their expectations. We create an environment where everyone can become their personal best to grow, improve and work together as a team. Our business will continue to grow by providing innovative solutions to our customers and continuously improving our internal processes.

The Neutec Difference:

  • High-level application, customer, and technical support ensures maximum satisfaction during every interaction with our team
  • High-quality, durable products that are cost-effective, increase productivity, and minimize the risk of downtime
  • Easy-to-use, user-serviceable equipment facilitates operation, improves productivity, and saves repair costs
  • ISO 9001 CE certified products-assure you that our products are developed and manufactured to high quality standards
  • Customized product designs-help meet future applications and minimize additional product purchases

Meet The Team

Ronen Neutra

Founder & CEO

Science has always been my passion since childhood, I pursued it through formal and informal educational experiences. This inclination continued as I formalized my higher education in the Life Sciences and in Food Engineering and Biotechnology.

Entering the workforce, I was drawn to opportunities which combined my passion for the Life Sciences and the business world and became involved in entrepreneurial ventures, international sales and marketing positions and achieved an MBA in business administration. My scientific background, understanding of laboratory research and quality control requirements, together with my business acumen drove me towards launching my own company, late in 2003.


To Neutec Group, I bring my relationships (some long standing) with European technology and laboratory instrumentation manufacturers and my understanding of the needs of the North American laboratory market. My vision is to offer superb quality automation solutions that will improve the workflow of the modern laboratory.

Our relationships with our customers are key to our success and on every level in our organization from sales to customer service and technical service, we strive to provide our customers with best customer experience. We keep close with our business partners, our vendors and our customers.

As for me personally, when I’m not thinking about our customers,vendors and Neutec Group, you’re likely to find me hiking, enjoy traveling both for business and pleasure, play competative voleyball and table tennis in my spare time and love spending time with my family.

We at Neutec Group are constantly looking for ways that we can improve our service to those in the laboratory. Please connect with me and share any comments or suggestions that you may have.

Orna Zohar-Neutra

Vice President

During my 10 years with Neutec and as the business co-owner, I’ve worn multiple hats involved with day to day operations.


In charge of talent acquisition, my aim is to help the best qualified succeed and grow as they contribute to the growth of Neutec Group.

I love recruiting new talent but even more I love seeing the team that we have succeed.

In my involvement in the various marketing activities in the company my goal to improve the visibility and reach of our solutions.

Teresa James

Office/Customer Service Manager

I really enjoy the small business work environment that Neutec Group has provided me throughout the years.


I'm detail oriented and a systems thinker and my position has given me plenty of opportunities to apply these skills to a wide variety of job functions in this small team environment.

Whether I'm overseeing Customer Service, Purchasing, Shipping and Receiving, Bookkeeping, or creating and implementing new procedures I enjoy interacting with all of our team members. I'm always looking for ways to improve our current processes and to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

My job at Neutec Group is engaging, fast moving and rewarding. It’s a pleasure to work with a group of caring, fun loving and hard working team members dedicated to Customer Service and Support.

Anaam Wafa

Service Biongineering and Applications Manager

At Neutec, I manage the service Bio-Engineering and applications department.


I gain great satisfaction when together with my team of technical bio-engineers we assist our customers as they adapt new technologies into their laboratories.

I am passionate about technological innovation, and as we introduce sophisticated instrument solutions I provide application support, as well.

My Bachelors degree in Biomedical engineering with a minor in Nano-tech gives me a broad and detailed understanding of various technologies and enables me to effectively problem solve when faced with technical issues.

I have a background in video production which I occasionally enjoy using to create application and technical videos for our customers. You can view some of these videos here on our website.

I apply my martial arts practice on a daily basis at work to stay focused, disciplined and centered, when managing tasks while keeping a stress-free and enjoyable environment for others. I love the team/family atmosphere here at Neutec.

To tackle a technical issue or experiment with an application, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

John Shearn

Instrument Sales Specialist

At Neutec Group, I am an instrument sales specialist.


In my background, I have a Bioscience degree and have spent time a cell culture lab and am very familiar with many of the typical tedious activities that are a part of the lab workflow. At Neutec we offer automation solutions that aim to automate many of these tasks and increase the productivity of the laboratory. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the science community, helping scientists reduce their manual workload, allowing them to increase throughput.

Dan Barabino (PhD)

Instrument Sales Specialist

Like all of us at Neutec Group, I am motivated to help people solve their scientific problems.


My passion for science began in high school, was cultivated as an undergraduate, and fine-tuned as a graduate student and post-doc. I have had a career in scientific instrument sales, marketing, and management at global companies based in North America, Europe, and Japan. Neutec is unique in providing an extraordinary level of technical expertise in an environment that fosters creativity and innovation. This is wonderful for me as an employee, and provides many benefits to our customers. I am very pleased to part of a Neutec team that will work tirelessly to provide you with solutions to optimize your laboratory’s workflow.

Brian Harrison

Instrument Sales Specialist

I work with our customers/prospective customers in building customized automated solutions that fit their needs as well as their budgets.


In Academia, I spent quite a bit of time in laboratory and I know the feeling of working on something for long periods of time and the euphoria of finally overcoming the failures and accomplishing your goals. At the end it makes it all worth it. I enjoy being a part of making this discovery process easier for researchers. I love working at Neutec because I have a products that are some of the best in the market and a service team that knows them in and out. I love having a team that supports me and our customers so well so that we can focus on building long term relationships and genuinely addressing their needs.

Ally Lucy

Customer Service Rep

At Neutec I handle order processing. I enjoy providing our customer a swift and easy transaction.


My favorite thing about being a team member is the atmosphere here at Neutec Group Inc, there are many contagious smiles throughout the work day and we like to make work fun. Every day is a great day for some science!

Michaelangelo (Angelo) Brown

Service Bioengineer and Application support

I aim to provide excellent technical and customer support to our customers, whether at your location or ours.


My background in Electronic engineering and computer information help me efficiently install, trouble shoot and solve any technical issues and manage the devices our company services.

I enjoy the small group environment and the excitement that comes with performing new tasks and taking on new projects.

Eric Ryan

Service Bioengineer and Application support

I am a Service Technician in the Technical Engineering department at Neutec Group.


I received a Biomedical Engineering degree from the University at Buffalo and so I have a background in mechanical as well as electrical engineering. I love the new relationships I get to create with our partners/customers, I enjoy travelling on site and working in the field assisting our customers through installing and servicing their equipment ensuring they enjoy maximum uptime. I enjoy the diversity, my position allows me but my favorite part about working at Neutec is how close the employees are, it truly is like a second family.

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